Frictionless d13

In case you're wondering, I'm still working on Frictionless. In fact, I fixed the "delete too much stuff" bug that Jason reported. I've just been on vacation and a business trip and WWDC. So the fixes are checked in, I've just stumbled across a bug with RubyCocoa I have to track down first before I can release d13. 

Update: Just figured out the bug in RubyCocoa, so I was about to push out lucky d13. 

  • Fixed the bug with deleting a whole hierarchy of actions. Thanks to Jason for reporting it.
  • Added automated updates via the very cool Sparkle framework.
  • Fixed the bug where when you drag a tree of actions in the outline to a new parent, the tree got flattened. Now just moves the parents of the sub items.
  • New RubyCocoa Version
  • Marking/unmarking a tree of items as someday should be more obvious. That is, if a parent of an item is marked "someday" so that it and all of its children aren't considered "actionable" then the children show up marked as someday as well. If you unmark the child, it unmarks the whole tree.
  • Hitting a, t, or d switches the filters between actionable, to-do and done per a user request.
  • Quick Start is now integrated into Frictionless via WebKit

Copyright 2007, Pierce T. Wetter III