About Me


I'm the Director of Web Services for a company called PACE Anti-Piracy, Inc. We put the R in DRM in that we're really the first company to realize that DRM works both ways: A software license means that the publisher has certain responsibilities to their customers as well.

I used to be the Architect for a company called Marketocracy. I've was there about 7 years and I was a WebObjects consultant for 2 years before that, which means I've been programming WebObjects for about 9 years now. Prior to using WebObjects, my business partner and I had written our own web application framework, so that means I've been writing web applications for 13 years now.

You can look at my resume if you like here or you can contact me using the form on the left.

As for Frictionless, I started using David Allen’s Getting Things Done system about 4 months ago, and it really improved things for me. I was also using the Kinkless set of Applescripts to keep track of my to-dos, but I wanted it to be constantly in sync, I wanted it to integrate more readily with other programs, and I could never figure out how to get recurring tasks to work.

So I wrote my own program, which turned out to be pretty quick in CoreData.

Copyright 2007, Pierce T. Wetter III