Frictionless 2.0d8

The move to Ruby pays off big time! I can now print my to-do items to 3x5 cards so that I can take them with me when I'm not at my computer. So can you, just print them to card-stock they come out 4-up. I'm using the template from so they look great. The templates are pretty easy to edit, so anyone who knows a bit of CSS/HTML can send me a new template, and I can integrate it into Frictionless.

In Googling Frictionless I found that one feature people wanted from the old version was the ability to mark items as sequential. That is, if you have an item that depends on the previous item being finished before you can even start, its annoying to have to see it in your action items at all. So I added a new action mode "is Sequential". Marking an item as sequential filters it out of the actionable items until the previous actions in the project are done.

Several bug fixes including a crash! A note about programmers: We fix bug reports, not bugs. That is, 2 of these bugs got fixed only because someone sent me a report about how to reproduce them.

The outline now has variable-height rows. I need to integrate changing the font preferences, maybe that will be next. Also, the checkboxes in the outline view are now hidden for projects instead of just being disabled, which looks much cleaner.

Copyright 2007, Pierce T. Wetter III