Frictionless 2.0d5

Ah, the new UI design comes to fruition. The action browser is now, quite frankly, kicking ass. Basically, the filter settings are now buttons, and sticky. So you can set them up how you like them, and close them away.

For instance, I've found that choosing "This Week", "Past Due", and "No Do On Date" in the time filter works great for "things I should be thinking about this week". I can then close the time filters away and bring up the context filters. Clicking the "Context" button selects all of the contexts, then I turn off the ones I don't care about (like "Checklist" and "waiting for").

Frictionless is really helping me kick ass at work too, where I have a zillion different things to keep track of, none of which can be worked on in a steady stream.

Copyright 2007, Pierce T. Wetter III