Frictionless 2.0d4

Was able to get down and dirty with using Frictionless today, which meant lots of bug fixes today quite a few of them crashers. The new Focusing feature rocks, as I was really able to zero in on various projects with the browser, then back out as needed. To that end, the quick entry now sets the parent if you focus on a single project and haven't set it manually.

There are some other new features in the Process menu like grouping/ungrouping. Return-without-the-command now works to enter a sibling action, option-return for entering a child. So you can enter a bunch of items more easily with item-return-return-item-return-return-item. The less-than and greater-then signs now expand-contract the selection.

The action pane lets you show/hide columns by control-clicking. I don't have this working for the outline view yet though as the OmniFramework code I was using didn't get along with the outline view for some reason. Adding the OmniFrameworks made the app quite a big bigger though, so I may have to go and pick just the code I want out of there.

Copyright 2007, Pierce T. Wetter III