Frictionless 2.0d10

First change I made to this version was to make the "All/Actionable/Done" control into an "All/Actionable/To-Do/Done" control and directly link it to the associated filters. That made the app much slower, so I tried to figure out why, and realized that many of the calculations on an action had to be done recursively up and down the tree. So I implemented some caching. Adding a cache is easy, its knowing when to clear the cache that's hard. So I had to come up with a solution for that. That actually fixed some things that were flaky, but adds the possibility that the browser could be out of sync. Seems better then before though.

With the control tweak and caching accomplished, a side effect of directly linking the completion filter control to the associated filters was that the numbers were off. So I fixed that, and made all the filters display 3 numbers: Actionable Count, To-Do count (if some undone items aren't actionable), and Done count.

One of the key things I'm trying to do with Frictionless is to make it so that things that aren't currently actionable can "go away" until they're ready, hence the distinction between "actionable" and "not done".

Someone found a crash dragging from the outline to the action view, so I fixed that.

There's been a long standing bug where closing the context window meant you had to relaunch the app to open it again, so I fixed that as well. It only bugs people the first time they use it, but still.

Someone complained about the maximum font size, which was fair, because even I thought it was too big and I hadn't gotten around to adding the font preference control. So I set a smaller maxiumum font size and tweaked the padding around the line so letters wouldn't get cut off.

It was about time to add some tool tips, so I did that as well.

Now, here's the rub. I'm going on vacation, so this will be the last revision for awhile. Feel free to send in comments/bug reports/feature requests in the meantime, because I often put those in front of my own plans.

Copyright 2007, Pierce T. Wetter III