Good News, Frictionless and Actiontastic Go Open Source

There are a lot of Mac GTD programs. Too many really, for the size of the market. So I decided a long time ago that Frictionless would always be free. If I'm going to charge for anything, it will be the groupware version, and that assumes I get the groupware version done. After various requests, I've decided to make it open source as well. Today, I found out that one of the other GTD programs is going open-source, Actiontastic. This is good news, because Actiontastic has both iCal syncing, and he's implementing printing the same way I was going to do it: via CSS/HTML templates.

So I can add both of those features to Frictionless without a lot of trial and error, because Sync Services and WebKit aren't very well documented, so I was going to have to spend a lot of time experimenting, and I have lots of other work to do.

You can click on the link above to check out Actiontastic. In many ways, its more polished then Frictionless, but I think it has a fatal flaw in that it defines projects and tasks as separate items and it doesn't have subtasks. One of the key insights of Kinkless that prompted me to write Frictionless came from GTD in that many of the things I was procrastinating were really projects. So the nice thing for me about Frictionless is that I can just hit command-Return when I have a task I need to break down into smaller pieces. I also like to use Frictionless to record things I just did so that's another think I like about Frictionless.

If you've been wondering why Frictionless has been stagnating for about a year, the answer is simple. I was hunting for a new job, started one in August, and have been extra busy with that until now. But the news about Actiontastic has helped motivate me, so once they release their source, I'll dive in and add iCal syncing, some UI cleanup I've been poking at slowly and printing.

Copyright 2007, Pierce T. Wetter III