Frictionless 2.0d1

I just uploaded a pre-release version of the brand spanking new version of Frictionless. You can download it by clicking the link at the left. It doesn't do everything that the old one does, specifically: Applescript, instantiating templates, and indent/outdent/expand all doesn't work yet. It also doesn't import the old format files automatically though you can import them manually. However, this version is light years ahead of the 0.8.4 release in terms of UI. 

Also, Frictionless is now open source! You can get the source via svn:

svn co 

And you can browse it here. It's written in Ruby for Cocoa, which you can get here.

If you want to import your old files, you have to do the following:

1. Open your .fless file in a text editor. 

2. Remove everything relating to priority. 2.0 uses the Stephen Covey concept of "Important/Urgent" instead of priority. That means removing the lines at the top of the file that look like this:

    <object type="PRIORITY" id="z334">
        <attribute name="name" type="string">Never</attribute>
        <attribute name="value" type="int16">5</attribute>
        <relationship name="notes" type="0/0" destination="ACTION"></relationship>

And the many, many lines that look like this:

        <relationship name="priority" type="1/1" destination="PRIORITY"></relationship>

3. Save a copy of the file as Frictionless.xml in ~/Library/Application Support/Frictionless

If you launch the new Frictionless, it will read your old file. 

Copyright 2007, Pierce T. Wetter III